About Baker Maid

“The most important part of Baker Maid is the product. We’re really determined to provide the highest quality cakes and cookies available in any market–from groceries to department stores. Whether you buy our rum cakes from Saks, our cookies from Rouses, or one of our king cakes, you’ll get the very best.”

– Greg Sorensen on the “The Food Show” with Tom Fitzmorris

Our History

doc_and_gregBaker Maid was founded in 1953 by LL Doc Mullins.  Doc, a sugar chemist and owner of several other New Orleans bakeries (Dixeanna, French Market, and Patio Bakery), opened Baker Maid as a bakery supply house and wholesaler for his premium fruit cakes.

Darryl Sorensen, Doc’s grandson, grew up working in Doc’s retail bakeries, mastering the art and science of baking. After the retail bakeries were either closed or sold, Darryl began selling premium holiday cakes and cookies to department stores in the 1980s. Working with every major department store in the country as a wholesaler of the finest holiday goods, Baker Maid has succeeded in building beautiful programs for the likes of Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Saks 5th Avenue, Dillard’s, and many more.

Greg and Troy Sorensen, Darryl’s sons, grew up working at Baker Maid, and while in college at Tulane, Greg and his friend Colin Manikin took an interest in the company. Along with Darryl, they began selling King Cakes to New Orleans coffee shops during Carnival Season as well as other cakes and cookies to grocery stores in Louisiana. After picking up a few accounts, Greg and Colin were hooked and began carving out full time positions for themselves while finishing their time at Tulane.

As New Orleans rebounded in the years following Katrina, the group decided to focus heavily on the Louisiana and Gulf Coast market, creating programs for companies such as Rouses, PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans, Albertson’s, Community Coffee and many more, while continuing to pursue their success with high end department stores.

Looking to the future, Baker Maid plans to continue to establish a strong presence in Louisiana as well as look to new markets for its premium cakes and cookies, while maintaining the high level of quality that has set it apart for four generations.

Our Team

Greg Sorensen

Darryl Sorensen

Colin Manikin


Doc Mullins

Founder 1903-1980

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